Friday, September 06, 2013

Words for 2013

Obviously I am reporting back later than I had originally intended,  That happens sometimes.  Especially when your word for the year was CARVE.  I have been putting forth a sincere effort to CARVE space for all that is important to me. Here is my One little word post for 2013-- CARVE. With the start of a new school year underway and heading into the home stretch of 2013 I am being extra mindful to follow the Intentions I set back in January.

Some folks in my PLN also picked their word for the year:

Celina Brennan BELIEVE
Ann Ottmar VOICE
Jeff Delp TODAY

I also put out a call to authors to choose a word for the year and share it with me. Here are their Words:

Julia Cook TRY
Peter Reynolds TRANSCEND
Trudy Ludwig REACH
Heather Frederick DIVE
Susan Hill Long OVER.

So, everyone, I hope your Word has lived up to your expectations and I trust you found the meaning in your Word which you set your intentions for.  Report back to us and share how your special word has impacted your life. And, if you have yet to find a Word for yourself it is never too late.

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