Saturday, October 15, 2011

Daniel Pink, School Culture, and Those People

I came across a blog post by Daniel Pink that is a source of inspiration to me.  Here it is:

There are two kinds of people in the world . . .
Those who make your life easier — and those who make it harder.
Those whose presence helps you perform better — and those whose presence makes you do worse.
Those concerned about doing the work — and those concerned about getting the credit.
Those who leave you feeling up — and those who leave you feeling down.
Those who simplify — and those who complicate.
Those who listen when others are talking — and those who wait when others are talking.
Those who give — and those who take.
Those who last — and those who fade.
Which are you?

How awesome is that!  Go back and read those again.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

About Daniel Pink:  Some look up to Sports Figures.  Others admire Movies Stars.  As for me, I think Daniel Pink absolutely Rocks.  Here is the link to his website/blog:

I think we can make our School Climate a comforting, accepting, and inviting one that can positively influence our Culture.  But here’s the deal–  it starts with you.  This is what you can do.  Print out this blog post.  Laminate it.  Now tape it by your computer.  Better still, frame it.  Make it your Mantra.  This is a keeper.

I have been pondering alot about School Climate and Culture.  I have found that it needs continual cultivation and nurturing.  I believe Daniel Pink’s post about two types of people speaks directly to School Culture/Climate.   Imagine what the climate throughout a school district would be if each one of us put forth a mindful effort to go through the day as he describes in his Two Types Of People post.  Isn’t that a place where you would want to go to each and every day?

Resolve to change. Be resolute. Be one of Those people!


  1. Balcony people and Basement people, right? So much more sunshine out on the balcony! Thanks for sharing this - I will be saving it and printing it out.

    The Corner On Character

  2. This is great-I will be printing out as well. I am thinking about perhaps sharing with my staff...

    Thank you!

  3. NJSchCounselor said...
    This is great-I will be printing out as well. I am thinking about perhaps sharing with my staff...

    Thank you!

    Thanks for commenting, Allison! If you like this, then I think you will also like his book, Drive. There is a section specific to education.