Sunday, December 04, 2011

stumble upon

I stumbled upon the counseling profession gig.  It was a moment of epiphany, mind you.  Still, stumbling is stumbling.

Once upon a time, I was in an entirely different profession.  One day while having lunch with a colleague he shared with me that he was thinking of changing careers.  Either he was going to take an offer to be the Tennis Pro at a country club or go back to school to become a Counselor.  Aha!- the light bulb went off.  That is what I want to do.  BE a School Counselor.  Hence, the start of my path down This Counselor's Journey.

Education is what drives me and bestows me with a sense of purpose (Outside of my family, of course).  It provides me focus, a place to put my creative energy. It is one of the things I am here to do.  It is a calling that comes naturally.  I was lucky to have stumbled upon this profession.

What have you stumbled upon?

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