Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Three Easy Steps!

At a training I attended for Critical Incident Stress Management the presenter suggested to do these three things for most every situation and you will not go wrong:

             1.  Do not panic.

             2.  Assess the situation.

             3.  Do the obvious.

Since that time I always try to incorporate this into my daily life; both professionally and personally.  I think I have integrated the process into my being so that it just flows without even thinking about it.  It just happens.

What simple, yet effective strategies work for you in maintaining composure while helping others during highly stressful incidents?


  1. I have the "Keep Calm Carry On" poster hanging on the wall across from desk. It's my mantra on those oh so crazy days :)

  2. Awesome and simple mantra! I'll keep that in mind. Thanks for sharing.