Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watch and Learn

For those of you familiar with my blog, you are aware that from time to time these posts are inspired by my own children.

This would be one of them.

My daughter rode a Boogie Board for the first time this Summer.  Turns out she was good.  Quite good, actually. 

Here is what I learned from watching her...

Know when to wait and let it come to you.  No need to rush and expend energy unnecessarily.

Be mindful.  Study the situation.  Know your surroundings.  Sense the moment.  Let yourself be guided by your instincts.

Be attentive. Be aware.  Know when to seize the moment.  Own it.

Ever do something you really truly enjoy?  It is not a chore to do.  Nor is it something you have to do.  Rather, it is just something that has become a part of you.  Time stands still, yet seems to fly by at the same time.  (There is a book about just this thing.  Check it out--Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience.  And this one too--Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention).

These things -patience, anticipation, action, and flow- helped my daughter at riding the waves.  They definitely assist me in my work as a School Counselor, not to mention being called Dad.  How about you?  What lessons have come to help you in your life?


  1. I LOVE this. We can learn SO much from our children and their experiences! Thanks for painting such a colorful portrait of her experience with your words and reflections.


  2. Daniel Pink couldn't have said it any better!