Saturday, July 23, 2011

What Awaits You

That's my daughter in the photo.  In an earlier blog post, I wrote about her brother and mindfulness.  Here it is.  Alas, being an equal opportunity Dad, I must write about her too. I love this snapshot.  It really does capture a moment-- FEARLESSNESS.  She was little more than a year old and walking independently-- just going forth to all that is out there.  She's teetering down the sloped hill, head on a swivel taking in everything all at once and intuitively knowing the here and now.  The whole world is right there in front of her waiting to be had.  And she does not want to miss one single moment.

That's her alright.  Going to it with exuberance.  Whatever she is doing at a particular moment is the Best Thing Ever.  No reservations.  No agenda.  No expectations. 

She enters into each space with bountiful trust. In the moment. Here. Now. Fully present. She remains completely open and accepting. Believing.  Without fear.

Sometimes I think we find ourselves paralyzed by indecision.  Hesitant by the 'what if' of disappointment and self-doubt.  Instead, why not open up to the 'what if' of possibility and discovery and the personal growth that comes from it. 

Go forth, Daughter of Mine!  I am right there with you.  And thanks for the lesson.

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