Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Learning Is A Leap Of Faith

This short video piece is so awesome I can't help but smile.  Maybe you've seen it.  It's this girl about to ski jump for the first time. She is at the top peering down trying to talk herself through this scary, uncertain moment.

Think about it.  Significant practice and effort led her to this precipice.  Now, here she is.... Can she do it?  Will she do it?  What is holding her back?  What will allow her to go through with the experience?

Watch this: As she says, Here goes something, I guess.

Did you notice the voices in the background of the people teaching and coaching her through this leap of faith?  Encouraging, not hollering.  Patiently talking her through the jump. Totally supportive of her endeavor at this place and in this moment. To me it is beautiful to behold.

For the past few years I have engaged in a lot of thought and discussion about getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, the growth mindset, and the process of learning.  To me and my way of thinking, this video encapsulates that:  being flexible and fluid rather than rigid and stuck; being open and willing to take that step into the unknown, as well as nurturing and being fully present for someone.

Hopefully, we have all had such moments.  The first (and only) time I went scuba diving was one. Watching my kids ride a bike for the first time was another.  The moment college algebra equations finally clicked was yet another. How about you?  What leap of faith learning experiences have you encountered?

I believe we all need to hoot and holler (like the girl in the video) over our accomplishments! Let me hear you!

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