Sunday, January 01, 2012

I Will Strive

Someone once told me that Persistence and Perseverance are omnipotent.  With that in mind, I have decided what to Strive for in 2012.

I will strive to help Educators get actively engaged with Twitter.  In the short time I have been with TwitterNation it has altered my perception in a Good and Profound way.  And, it is the best source of Professional Growth and Development there is to offer. 

I will charge forward with a full head of Motivation to pursue my return to running.  I've been away from it for many years and am finding that I genuinely enjoy this form of exercise.  Besides, it is excellent for maintaining positive well-being.

I  vow to BE THERE in each moment with mindful awareness for my family.  When I caught myself spacing-out over stuff at work as I was saying prayers and tucking my kids into bed I knew the jig was up. 

That is my list.  I am not going to ponder it.  Nor am I going to talk about it.  I am just going to Strive to Do it.  Any Encouragement you can offer will be appreciated!  Please check in with me from time to time.

Here is to a Healthy, Abundant New Year.


  1. I am ready to begin understanding how to navigate Twitter... I would absolutely appreciate any advice you have! @celinabrennan

  2. Hi, Celina. Thanks for commenting and keeping me accountable as I Strive to help Educators
    become engaged with Twitter. :-) I'll be in touch soon.

  3. How is the running going? I just recently began my race toward a 5k thanks to my beautiful wife's push.

    1. Thanks for checking in. Running has been good overall. Just a couple set backs from illness. I hope to run several 5K's this Spring and Summer, too. Yes, indeed, thank goodness for wives. Good look and please check back with how you are progressing. We can cheer each other on.